Tara Wegner and Fabrizio Costagliola Tie the Knot

Photo by David Sinoradzki

December 22, 2019

The venue chosen for the marriage of Cheryl Wegner and Fabrizio Costagliola was Winding Cypress in Naples where they reside. The ceremony was planned to be held by the pool area, however, the rain created a change of plans. The ceremony was held instead in their Club House which was decorated beautifully with 3 different Christmas trees. Several people attended and all went well. They had a lovely sign made that was put atop the mantle which read "Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs." which was above them as they took their vows in front of the fireplace. A formal dinner took place at their home later in the day for 20 people. Fabrizio is employed at Davide's Restaurant on Marco Island and his wife is a designer. They will be flying to Italy to be with Fabrizio's family and have another wedding.