Phyllis Gets a 5 Star Rating

FIVE STARS!!!! Hands down the best!!!!

Phyllis married my wife, Avie, and I on December 8th 2017. I don't think any words could express how wonderful Phyllis truly is. Organized, affordable, efficient, courteous, PROFESSIONAL, and most importantly, she is full of Love and Life...Eternal Life. Anyone can feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions but something about Phyllis immediately made us love her. She was not just a person who married us, Phyllis was and is a part of our family. Phyllis didn't just marry us but joined our family on December 8, 2017. Her Faith and Love in God is abundant and obvious in a respectful non-offensive, non-over the top, just true real deal way. She was and is the perfect person to have conducted our sacred ceremony. AND SHE WILL BE FOR YOU TOO!!!

I highly and thoroughly recommend Phyllis to conduct your sacred wedding ceremony. If you are looking for someone to handle this eternally important role in your wedding, you have found that person. Put your other options away, Phyllis is perfect for you!!!!

THANKS PHYLLIS!!!! We love you and may God Bless you forever :)

Jim and Avie Dancy
December 8, 2017