September 2016 Update

September was a wonderful month for me. I performed 8 ceremonies. The weather held up for every one of them. As you know, the first renewal took place on Sept. 1 between Lesley-Anne and Sam after 15 years of marriage. They came from England. I perform a lot of ceremonies for those who live abroad. September 3rd was a wedding between Samantha Robbins and Charles Torres on Marco Island's South beach. That's a great spot to have a wedding or renewal. There are rocks and jetties that go far into the water at low tide. The rocks make for some beautiful photos. On September 10th, Jessica Jacobsen and Kevin Young were married at the Marco Island Beach Resort. September 15th was chosen by Franziska Grob and Denis Biasin to become husband and wife. They chose Hideaway Beach. It was remote and I was taken to the wedding spot on a golf cart. Such fun. They had umbrellas that read "Just Married" although they didn't need them. The weather was great. Then there was September 17, a 2:30 pm wedding. Just the two of them in a special place on the beach. I couldn't tell you where, but somewhere between the Marriott Hotel and the Hilton Hotel. It was set up so cute with a table with champagne and two glasses, roses in a vase, beach chairs to relax after the ceremony, and a lovely thank you note with a starfish on it. It was awesome! From Hialeah, FL to "Paradise" -- Marco Island. At 6:30 pm also on September 17, I performed another wedding for a couple who preferred not to have their pictures posted on the Internet, and I respect their wishes. Another renewal of vows took place on September 20 between Samantha Smith and Robert Kitchen after 10 years of wedded bliss. Lisa Tattar and Damon Carr chose September 23 for their wedding. It was held at the Marriott Hotel with 35-45 guests. That was a day that was threatening. We got through the ceremony just fine, even photos taken on the beach, but the cocktail hour was moved inside. I might add, IT NEVER RAINED!

So it's been delightfully busy and the weather has cooperated considerably since it is rainy season. All I can say is to not watch the weather reports. As a bride, you will make yourself very distraught. I tell my bridal couples to just wait until the morning to see what the weather will be like. If rain is predicted in the afternoon, we can move the wedding to an earlier time. If it is raining in the morning, chances are it will be clear by sunset. So please don't fret. I'm available 24/7 for any questions you may at any time. It may be rainy SEASON but most of the rain come down in spurts. You see a black cloud and can drive through it. That's about how long it will last. So stay cool and calm. You are about to enter a very special place for a very special reason.

Catch up with you at the end of October!