August 23 - Jeff and Stephanie Hinkle marry

When the sun is shining in the morning, at this time of year, we know it is not going to last, for the most part. So as usual, I started praying. Well, the sun went away, the thunder roared, but it didn't rain for Jeff and Stephanie's ceremony on the beach of the Marco Island Marriott. It could have been the beach at the Riviera. We just kept walking to the right until there were no people because this was private, just for the two of them. They've been together for 22 years, and just recently decided on the spur of the moment to get married. I'm so glad they chose me. It turned out beautifully. Unfortunately, I had the wrong setting on my camera because both the bride and groom were standing in the water for the ceremony. So I decided I would do the same. I took off my shoes, walked into the water and did the ceremony. It was awesome!!! Well the camera was set for the beach, and I should have left it alone on Auto. Jeff has Photoshop and hopefully he can put color back in. When he does, I will post the pictures on WBP Facebook page. I am so disappointed. There is nothing like using a cell phone for photos. Beats any camera. I am NOT a professional photographer and usually the pictures turn out well. I goofed!!! My apologies. A lesson learned!