August 8, 2016 - Awesome

It was a gloomy and sometimes rainy day. The wedding between Renee Fugate and Ryan Crowder was scheduled for 6:45 at the Naples Beach Club beach. Mark Block was going to take photos, and we were all praying it would not rain. The ceremony chosen was the lovely Hand and Beach ceremony. As I went through the ceremony, I reached the part where the couple bowed their heads for a word of prayer. As I finished the prayer, the skies opened up into a round circle and the sun shone through as bright and clear as could be! I told the couple to look up at the sky because God was looking down on this marriage! I had goosebumps and I stopped the ceremony for a moment because we were all astounded. I have never seen anything like that happen during a ceremony. Mark Block came running to us and he said he had goosebumps because he, too, had seen the sky as it turned from dark clouds to a circle of sunshine. As I continued with the ceremony, the circle closed up and the sun was there no longer. The clouds took over. I pronounced the couple husband and wife and we were all overjoyed. The wedding went better than planned. God saw to that!