September 2016 Update

September was a wonderful month for me. I performed 8 ceremonies. The weather held up for every one of them. As you know, the first renewal took place on Sept. 1 between Lesley-Anne and Sam after 15 years of marriage. They came from England. I perform a lot of ceremonies for those who live abroad. September 3rd was a wedding between Samantha Robbins and Charles Torres on Marco Island's South beach. That's a great spot to have a wedding or renewal. There are rocks and jetties that go far into the water at low tide. The rocks make for some beautiful photos.

September 10 wedding

What an awesome day! The bride had been anxious about the weather and I reassured her that we don't pay much attention to weather forecasts. So she trusted me. Well, long story short, it was a great day and a lovely evening to have a wedding ceremony. There was another wedding on the beach at the same time, but more toward the rocks on the South Beach. My couple are so in love. The groom had tears coming down, and it was wonderful to see just how much he loved her. She looked tenderly in his eyes. It was beautiful. Mike Sullivan from Resort Photographics took beautiful photos.

Two ceremonies performed last week

Wow! The weather has really been crazy! But praise the Lord, he answers my prayers. Thursday was a lovely 15-year reunion. The sky was gray and thunder expected. However, it never happened. There was no sun, but there wasn't any rain either! The beach was cool, and everything went well. Pictures were difficult to take because of the gray dark sky.

August 8, 2016 - Awesome

It was a gloomy and sometimes rainy day. The wedding between Renee Fugate and Ryan Crowder was scheduled for 6:45 at the Naples Beach Club beach. Mark Block was going to take photos, and we were all praying it would not rain. The ceremony chosen was the lovely Hand and Beach ceremony. As I went through the ceremony, I reached the part where the couple bowed their heads for a word of prayer. As I finished the prayer, the skies opened up into a round circle and the sun shone through as bright and clear as could be!


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